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Highly efficient Boilers

Heating services provided by Bill Collentine Heating and Plumbing range from gravity fed systems to fully pressurised systems. As RGII and Oftec registered plumbers and heating specialists you are assured that Bill Collentine Plumbing and Heating will install Oil and Gas upgrades and new installations that are fully compliant with Irish regulations.
Upgrades of Gas and Oil heating systems are very popular – with modern condensing boilers that burn more efficiently proving to be of particular interest to those homeowners who are interested in saving money by having a highly efficient heating system – newer condensing systems operate at 90% + efficiency and thus impact positively on your ongoing heating costs.
In addition to getting ongoing cost savings from installing a condensing boiler – there are other areas that you can generate savings – one of which is Power Flushing.

Power Flushing

Bill Collentine Heating and Plumbing services include Power flushing of your heating system – which can increase system performance by up to 35% caused by sludge build up in radiator systems.

Water - Heat Pumps

Another area that Bill Collentine Plumbing specialises in installing is Water Heat Pumps on new builds or retrofitting.
The most effective way is through underfloor heating but aluminium and steel radiators can also be used.

Wood Pellet Stoves / Solid Fuel Stoves

The love of an open fire is something special in Ireland - and in terms of bringing about comfort and efficiency both Wood Pellet Stoves and Solid Fuel Stoves offer much higher efficiencies while at the sametime maintaining the cosy home feeling. This is another service provided by us.

Heating Controls

Whether its a remote control system with an app on your phone, if its zoning your home to heat only the areas necessary at any one time – Bill Collentine Heating and Plumbing have proven experience in such installations and we work with each homeowner to deliver efficient and effective heating controls that will help the house owner reduce their ongoing heating costs.

More Services from Bill Collentine Heating and Plumbing

Gas Boilers Repaired;
Gas Boilers Replaced;
Gas Boilers Serviced;
Immersion Heater replacement;
Under Floor Heating;
Oil Boilers Repaired;
Oil Boilers Replaced;
Oil Boilers Serviced;
Heating Fitted and Checked;
Valves replaced;
Heating Pumps replaced;
Radiator Repaired;
Radiators Replaced;
Radiators Mmoved;


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