Boiler Replacements

High quality and trusted quality brands for boiler replacement services.

Oil Boilers

Bill Collentine Heating and Plumbing use a range of trusted quality brand boilers and we work with homeowners to deliver the best solution for each individuals heating needs. Brands that we work with include Firebird, Grant, and Warm Flow boilers, all of which have efficiencies of over 90%.

Gas Boilers

The range of quality gas boilers that are installed by Bill Collentine Heating and Plumbing include: Baxi, Potterton, Vokera and other gas boilers – again depending on the heating needs of each individual client – all of these brands have efficiencies in excess of 90%.
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Book a boiler service

For your heating system to run at its optimum level all year round we recommend an annual Boiler service.

Whether your system is oil or gas - our team expert will carry out our standard service in under 2 hours.
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