Bathrooms for the Less Abled
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More Accessible Home with Disabled Bathrooms

There are times when we have to make our house accessible to those who are less abled, so that you will be comfortable in the knowledge that your home is a user firendly place for all those living there. Bill Collentine Heating and Plumbing will convert your bathroom to provide easier access to anyone who is less abled. Our experienced plumbers can arrange for many different types of less abled bathrooms – to best suit your needs. It could be that you require a level access shower , or a raised toilet or even a full wet room. At Bill Collentine Heating and Plumbing we have many disability bathroom solutions that are sure to suit your specific requirements. Grants are available to convert your bathroom.

Our services include

Toilet Replacement;
Toilet Cistern Replaced;
Ballcocks Replaced;
Showers Repaired;
Showers Replaced;
Outside Taps Fitted;
Drains Unblocked;
Appliances Installed;
Appliances Moved;
Airlocks Fixed;
Stop Cock Replaced;
Stop Cock Repaired;
System Flush;
Insurance Quotes;
Emergency Service;
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